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Patient Management System

How it works?

Booking an appointment with your Doctor is as simple as making coffee!

Choose your Doctor
and book an appointment

Search for a particular type of specialist by selecting/indicating their country, city, and local area. To make the search more precise, we enabled filters for type of treatment, clinic, subspeciality, nationality, country of education, language(s) spoken, and gender.

Features and Benefits


Doctor Profiles

Patients should be able to browse doctor profiles to choose the doctor they like. Profiles should contain information on certifications, experience, competencies, and languages spoken. It will be useful if you include ratings and feedback from previous and current patients so users can know whether a doctor met the expectations of past patients in terms of communication, treatment, competence, etc.

Search for a Doctor

Let patients search for healthcare providers by specialty, ratings, experience, and location.


Book and manage appointments

Patients should be able to schedule an appointment with a doctor using a calendar. Also, make sure users can cancel and reschedule appointments.

Check and manage medical records

Let patients search for and manage medical records in real-time. Allows patients to view test results, exams, radiology images, and prescriptions.

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